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Throughout the year the quantity of homework will gradually increase leading up to SATs, which are in May. This will help the children’s understanding and allow them to consolidate what has been taught in class.

Below is an outline of the homework expectation:

Set on Friday: An English piece of homework will be set, for example a word level task, spelling patterns or a reading activity (to be handed in on Wednesday).

Set on Friday: A Maths piece of homework will be set to support the Maths unit being taught that week. Some weeks this will be an on-line activity and others a worksheet will be handed out (to be handed in on Wednesday).

Set on Wednesday: Occasionally, additional Science/Topic homework will be set to support the children’s learning in class (to be handed in on Friday).

In addition, a variety of Learning Log homework will also be set where the children will be given the opportunity to be creative and to lead their own learning. The Learning Log homework will be set at different points throughout the year so that it ties in with what is being covered in class. The children will always have a minimum of 2 weeks to complete this homework, however the work produced needs to represent the extra time given.

If you have any questions please feel free to drop in to discuss it further.