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Governors Information

Please see below for details on our Governing Body. If you would like to contact one of our Governors, please address your letter to the relevant Governor and deliver to the school office.

Name     Term of Office Appointment Committee/s Responsibilities
Claire Shortt 01.09.03 - Headteacher Finance and Health & Safety Headteacher
Simon Lindley 01.01.22 - 31.12.26 Local Authority Finance and Health & Safety Chair of Governors / Personnel
Marion Masters 23.01.23 - 22.01.27 Co-Opted Finance and Health & Safety / Curriculum Vice Chair of Governors / Performance Management
Anna Phippen 12.01.23 - 11.01.27 Co-Opted Curriculum FOBS link / Domestic Violence Champion / SEN
Nicki Hobbs 23.09.22 - 22.09.26 Co-Opted Curriculum Pupil Premium / Child Protection / LAC
Matt Wheeler 01.09.20 - 31.08.24 Staff Elected Curriculum  Deputy Headteacher
Camilla Veevers 24.04.21 - 23.04.25 Parent Elected Curriculum -
Conor Horgan 13.01.24 - 12.01.28 Co-Opted Curriculum / Finance and Health & Safety Chair of Curriculum / Website Compliant
Claire Townrow 13.01.24 - 12.01.28 Co-Opted Finance and Health & Safety Chair of Finance and Health & Safety
Grace Siddington 25.01.23 - 24.01.27 Parent Elected Curriculum Safeguarding
James Noble 13.3.23 - 12.3.27 Co-Opted Finance and Health & Safety -

Additional Information / Register of Interests

Name Business / Pecuniary Interests Other School Relationships Attendance (2023/24)
Claire Shortt Governor at local school / DFE Teacher Conduct panellist / NNC Exclusion Reviews panellist Headteacher 9
Simon Lindley None None 7
Marion Masters None Relative of pupil/s 11
Anna Phippen None Member of school staff 7
Matt Wheeler None Member of school staff 12
Camilla Veevers None Parent of pupil/s 4
Nicki Hobbs None School Vicar 6
Conor Horgan Cambridge University Press and Assessment None 9
Claire Townrow None None 5
Grace Siddington Owner of local nursery  Parent of pupil/s 7
James Noble None None 7

Information for Governors

Below are some useful links for members of the Governing Body, including Governor Hub - your secure area with all relevant information. You will need your personal log-in details for this. The final link to Local Authority School Governors information may also be of interest to those considering the role of School Governor.