Homework in Year 4 is set on a Friday and children are given until the following Thursday to complete and return it.

English homework - this could be an activity connected to a spelling pattern, punctuation and grammar or a reading comprehension.

Maths homework - this will be carried out on our ActiveLearn website.  Children will need to either complete an educational game or watch a video and then complete a worksheet (links can be found under Class Pages > Kids' Zone).

Reading homework - children are expected to read for at least 30 minutes each week.  An adult should sign the reading record to confirm this has been done.  The reading record can also be used if you wish to communicate any observations and concerns.

Alongside the weekly homework, three Learning Log projects are also set during the year.  This is a chance for the children to have some freedom in the way they research and record their learning.  The children are usually given 2 weeks to complete these logs, however the work produced needs to represent the extra time given.

If you have any problems with your child completing their homework, please contact me via their reading log, drop me an email or pop in and we will help them to sort it out.